Contractors Rigging & Erectors is a division of Contractors Cargo which was formed in 1933 and has been under its present management since 1962. Contractors Rigging & Erectors is a full service rigging and erecting general contracting firm dedicated to the principles of superior client service and technical excellence. Our safety and quality assurance programs have been accepted by the major refineries and power producers in the area. We hold "R", and "U" stamps and have a weld fabrication facility at our Compton, CA yard.

Most of Contractors Cargo's Rigging and Erectors Division work is of a specialty nature for private industry. These industries include the aircraft and aerospace industries as well as the power, petrochemical, chemical, liquified gas, food processing, building, mining and metals industries. We also perform specialty work for government agencies and public utilities. 

Our expertise and experience spans the precision assembly of large rotating equipment, machinery installation, extra heavy rigging, boiler assembly, steel and multi-story building wall system erection, piping and other mechanical work.

We are experienced in cogeneration plant installations to parallel and compliment our repair, upgrade and maintenance of fossil fuel and hydroelectric producing equipment. 

Our rigging and construction work consists of a mix of large and small work with contracts being of both the fixed price and time and material category. The history of completing complicated erection work on time even under difficult conditions. 

Because rigging and erection work is an every day activity with Contractors, its team of experienced and safety minded craftsman of unusual skill and talent is ready and immediately available to meet the special requirements of its clients. 

Contractors Rigging & Erectors has access to experienced, specialty craftsmen via Master Labor Agreements with the various specialty craft labor unions. All such agreements have Equal Opportunity Employment, no-strike, no work slow-down and no work stoppage clauses. Contractors has a history of excellent labor relations with all these unions. 


Corporate Office
500 South Alameda Street
Compton, CA 90221

Main Tel: (310) 609-1957
Main Fax: (310) 609-1767


Houston Office
17700 Beaumont Hwy
Houston, TX 77049

Main Tel: (281) 456-9000
Main Fax: (281) 456-7366


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