• Modules

    When the Mississippi River would not go down, Bechtel Corp. called on Contractors Cargo Co to jack down (2) 375 ton and (2) 606 ton modules on 2 barges to pass under 5 bridges in Saint Louis, MO then up the river to Wood River Refinery in Hartford, IL and jack them back up again to facilitate the unloading.

  • Gantry

    National Steel and Ship Building (NASSCO) Ship Engines 37’L x 11’8”W x 17’7”H x 386,100# moved (4) at a time from Beloit, WI on Contractors Cargo Company railroad cars to the Port of San Diego railhead. Contractors Cargo Company utilizes a 500 ton Gantry to unload the Railroad cars and haul the engines on a 23 axle transport system to NASSCO’s San Diego Facility.  Loaded Dimensions with push truck: 162’L x 20’W x 20’7”H x 561,500#

  • Mining Machine
    Mining Machine

    Mining Machine 56’L x 18’W x 14’6”H x 308,600# moved from Gulfport, MS to the Mississippi Lignite Mine in Ackerman, MS. Contractors Cargo Co had to design and manufacture the entire hanging system between the 109’L main beams, to reduce the loaded height.  Loaded Dimensions: 226’L x 22’6”W x 15’11H x 564,000#

  • Siemens Transformer
    Siemens Transformer

    Siemens Transformer 27’7”L x 10’10”W x 14’9”H x 382,000# Unloaded from Railroad Car in Apex, NV and hauled to Power Plant on dual lane jeep & 8 hydraulic dollies and set onto Foundations. Loaded Dimensions: 16’4”L x 20’W x 18’H x 553,000#.

  • Roof Skid
    Roof Skid

    70,000 # Roof skid for Southern California Edison. Peaker Power Plant project load and deliver to Oxnard, CA

  • Catalyst

    20,000 # Catalyst duct section loaded and transported to Southern California Edison. Peaker Power Plant Oxnard, CA

  • Transformer Desert Hot Springs
    Transformer Desert Hot Springs

    290 ton crane 180,000 pound transformer transported to Desert Hot Springs, Ca. Transloaded from railcar over to road transport.

  • Transformer Substation Texas
    Transformer Substation Texas

    Texas. USA Contractors Cargo delivered a 500,000 #transformer to a power substation. The transformer was rigged and lifted off of the 35 axle transporter “bigfoot” by a 500 ton gantry system before being set down on the pad.

  • Bullet Tanks
    Bullet Tanks

    Bullet tanks rigged and set by Contractors Rigging and Erecting

  • Vacuum Tower
    Vacuum Tower

    Removal of Vacuum tower and Regenerator Rigged and removed by Contractors Rigging and Erecting

  • New Construction of Refinery
    New Construction of Refinery

    New Construction of Refinery column emissions stacks rigged and assembled by Contractros Rigging and Erecting


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