CCC’s transportation services are geared to meet the advancing requirements of the heavy haul client.  We pledge to place the safety and well-being of our customers, employees and the public first and foremost.  We do this by providing and maintaining superior equipment, personnel and management, and by having extensive knowledge of DOT safety standards. 

We are experts at developing processes and environments that foster safe and secure operations. We instill in our people a mindset that safety is always a matter of primary importance exceeded by no other consideration. 

By adhering to best-in-class safety and service protocols we promote a safety culture and pro-active environment that will effectively identify and manage risk(s).  A safe job requires the combined efforts of all persons at all times.  CCC relies on Operations managers and field supervisors to ensure our highly experienced drivers and crews are working safely and efficiently while on the road and at job sites.

Since our beginning’s in 1933 (as Santa Fe Truck Company) we have mastered super heavy haul service to our customers and have led the industry with our safety record.

Whether our CRE team is providing maintenance, specialty welding, new construction, gantry work, fabrication or other skilled services safety is regarded as a fundamental value of the organization.  To achieve our objectives, it is essential that the workforce be trained to follow procedures consistent with applicable safety standards.  Our focus on training and education creates project teams and a workforce that is knowledgeable about safety and regulatory compliance; are prepared to address workplace hazards; and possess a high level of risk awareness.

We insist upon safe work practices and conditions.  CRE management strives to develop work procedures that are conducive to a safe, productive and healthy workplace.  Risk assessment and risk management are seen as being of prime importance in establishing progressive working methods that help improve both efficiency and health & safety in the workplace.  

Working within (or exceeding) OSHA, DOT, ASME and other federal, state or industry standards ensures a safe and productive work environment.   We strive to maximize productivity without compromising on employee safety. The implementation of a comprehensive safety and health program is an important tool for creating both a safe and profitable workplace.




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