Heavy Haul

  • Space Shuttle
    Space Shuttle "Enterprise"

    The first space shuttle "Enterprise" pioneered the way.  Contractors Cargo Co moved her 11 times during NASA test program and barged her up the Mississippi River to the World's Fair.  "Enterprise" is now retired near the "Intrepid" in New York City Harbor. Loaded Dimensions: 155'L x 78'W x 57'H x 300,000#

  • Lower Colorado River Authority's Transformer
    Lower Colorado River Authority's Transformer

    Lower Colorado River Authority's Transformer 32'L x 15'10"W x 18'11"H x 490,000# moved on Contractors Cargo Co 43 Axel Transporter "BIG FOOT" from Zoro, TX to Brenham, TX. Loaded Dimensions: with 2 push trucks 279'L x 20'W x 22'33"H x 746,000# gross weight.

  • S&B Engineer's Depropanizer Refinery Column
    S&B Engineer's Depropanizer Refinery Column

    S&B Engineer's Depropanizer Refinery Column 185'L x 13' diameter x315,000# Moved from Houston, TX on Contractors Cargo dual lane 19 Axle transporter to Mont Belvieu, TX. Loaded Dimensions: with 1 push truck 236'L x 17'3"W x 19'7"H x 432,000#

  • S&B Engineer's Refinery Column (Deethanzier)
    S&B Engineer's Refinery Column (Deethanzier)

    S&B Engineer's Refinery Column (Deethanizer) 170'L x 14'9"W x 13'11"H x 504,000# moved on Contractors Cargo 28 Axle dual lane transporter over Fred Hartman Bridge from Houston, TX to Mont Belvieu, TX. Load Dimensions: 242'L x 20'3"W x 20'5"H x 670,600# gross weight with 1 push truck

  • DCS Steel Girders
    DCS Steel Girders

    DSC Line had 2 big and heavy steel girders 73'L x 22'W x 11'9"H x 240,000# each.  Moved from Houston, TX to Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  Contractors Cargo's 19 axle dual lane transporter could meet the weight regulations in every state on the route.  Load Dimensions: with 1 pusher 148'L x 22'W x 15'7"H x 373,000#

  • Rosamond Wind Farm Transformer
    Rosamond Wind Farm Transformer

    2 Transformers for Rosamond Wind Farm 24'9"L x 11'6"W x 14'2"H x 245,000# each.  Were unloaded from a ship, moved to storage in the Port of Long Beach, CA. stored for several months, reloaded, hauled to Rosamond, CA on Contractors Cargo Co dual lane 17 axle transporter.  Unloaded and set onto their foundations. Loaded Dimensions: 116'L x 20'W x 16"H x 413,000#

  • Siemens Energy Wind Generator Nacelles
    Siemens Energy Wind Generator Nacelles

    65 Siemens Energy Wind Generator Nacelles 24'6"L x 13'9"W x 13'10"H x 176,400# Moved from Port of Duluth, MN to Center, ND on Contractors Cargo Co 5-13 axle transporters. Loaded Dimensions: 112'L x 16'W x 15'8"W x 267,000# gross weight

  • Harvest Energy's Pipe Modules
    Harvest Energy's Pipe Modules

    The first of 120 pipe modules 118'L x 24'W x 11'10"H x 105,000# moved from Korea to Houston, TX. Loaded on Contractors Cargo Co. custom 13 Axle transport system 100' long support beams.  Moved from Houston, TX 2,500 miles to Harvest Energy's refinery in Conklin, Alberta Canada.  Load Dimensions: 155'L x 24'W x 15'6"H x 198,000#

  • BDP Surge Drums
    BDP Surge Drums

    3 BDP Surge Drums, the largest 2 were 47'L x 23' diameter x 161,600# they were too high to be hauled from Baytown, TX to Westlake, LA.  All three were rolled onto a barge in Baytown, TX and towed to Westlake, LA.  Load Dimensions: 89"L x 24'2"W x 28'4"H x 293,000#

  • ABD Transformer
    ABD Transformer

    ABD Transformer 37'9"L x 13'6"W x 16'5"H x 592,000# moved on Contractors Carco Co 40 Axle dual lane transporter from Manchester Terminal Houston, TX to Center Point Energy Plant in Houston, TX.  Loaded Dimensions: 279'L x20'W x 22'3"H x 746,000# with 2 push trucks


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