Plant Maintenance 

Contractors Cargo leads in the arena of plant maintenance. Contractors Cargo can is on site, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or during an emergency. Contractors Cargo is professional and generates the results that help our clients maintain plant functionality.

With decades of experience, our plant maintenance is at the top of the class. We can reliably execute short-notice plant maintenance projects. We get problems fixed and get out of the way so operations can return to normal.

Our professional crews provide the full range of maintenance for industrial plants including turnarounds, shutdowns or outages, turn coverage and planned and preventative maintenance. We have hands-on plant maintenance experience, which gives us first-hand insights into properly managing all aspects of your projects.

As your plant maintenance contractor, Contractors Cargo performs the work needed, which gives us greater insight into planning, scheduling, staffing and the performance levels of each trade.

Power Plant Maintenance
and Outage Services

  • Fabrications
  • Modifications
  • Boiler casing
  • Platform ladder mods
  • Repairs tube or vessel piping
  • Boiler aligner maintenance repair
  • Insulation repair
  • SCR system catalyst recovery repair
  • CO Catalyst replacement
  • Expansion joint repair/replacement
  • Valves and Piping
  • Emergency service when needed

Combined Advantages

Because of Contractors combined rigging, erecting, transportation and rail services, we are a unique resource for the equipment and skills required for the movement of heavy objects and machinery. From dismantling and removal to installation, all projects are provided from a single reliable source.

We can move your cargo as a Turnkey operation.


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